We are witnessing rapid, global changes in all spheres of human activity, including business: users of services and products have higher demands than ever before, competition is more numerous and more vital, supply exceeds demand. The global market causes frequent mergers and acquisitions. Economic and environmental crises are more and more often, there are new technologies, new regulations regarding human rights, the environment, health, safety, risks. New strategies and continuous changes are more necessary than ever in such circumstances.

How can we help you?

According to several relevant studies, about 70% of companies fail to achieve their strategies and recognize the critical challenges for achieving strategic goals. Qualitas can help you:

  • set your strategy as a central system for implementing change
  • mobilize your employees to accept their roles in achieving strategic goals
  • model your business architecture so that your business processes, projects, performance indicators, risks, business rules, and organizational structure can support your strategic goals’ effective and efficient achievement.

To ensure the efficiency, effectiveness and adaptability of the strategic management process, Qualitas recommends applying some of the globally validated methods such as Hoshin Kanri, Balanced Scorecard, Performance Prism, Palladium Execution Premium Process and independently developed Strategy to execution process. This structured approach consists of setting and monitoring strategic goals and implementing projects and other initiatives to achieve these goals.

We recommend using the following digital platforms for strategic management and business architecture modelling: iGrafx, Executive Strategy Manager (ESM), Spider Impact and Microsoft.

What can you expect?

Some of the outcomes of Qualitas services that can make your organization highly effective when implementing strategy are: understood position of the organization in the environment, identified needs and expectations of stakeholders, defined mission, vision and strategic destination, defined vital areas for improvement, strategy transformed into clear strategic goals and target values, identified initiatives and resources to achieve goals, identified responsibilities for goals and defined initiatives, created atmosphere of encouragement and readiness to change, the role of every employee presented clearly and understandably together with benefits expected in implementing the strategy, established performance measurement and monitoring tools, documented strategic management process and similar.

Some of the outcomes of Qualitas services related to business architecture are: identified and understood multiple dimensions of your business and their interdependence, documented processes and established business processes repository, assessed risks and opportunities and established risks and opportunities register, identified causal and consequent performance indicators, established system for measuring and monitoring processes, goals, projects and other initiatives, established business rules and controls to mitigate risk and seize opportunities and comply with internal and external requirements, established a service catalogue, assigned responsibilities and authorities, redesigned organizational structure.

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