Mission, benefits and approach

Learn more about the professional approach and competitive advantages that enable Qualitas to support many organizations on their journey to business excellence.

Our team

Our strength and competitive advantages are our people and partners. Using the latest technologies and advanced solutions to improve business, we work every day, working diligently as a team […]


We can boast of more than 900 completed projects with more than 400 organizations in 5 countries, but we are most proud of the ratings received from users of our services in checking their satisfaction […]

Co-financed projects

In addition to our knowledge and experience on various sources and ways of financing investment, business ventures and activities we provide for our clients, we have also used them to co-finance our separate projects listed below.

Basic information

Exploring the qualitas.hr web page you can find information about our services, areas of expertise, experience, work methods, successful projects and other competitive advantages. If you are also […]