Manufacturing companies are experiencing dramatic challenges in meeting their business goals due to the increasing complexity and variability of today’s global market and highly competitive environment. The need to optimize all supply chain components have never been greater.

Information technology

Nowadays, technology companies’ biggest concern is the global competition, managing development projects, assuring product and service quality, cyber security recruitment and talent retention, work overload, lack of necessary skill, and rising operating costs.

Business services

To withstand competitive pressures, which are intensifying, service companies must focus on maximizing customer loyalty and gaining new customers, applying agile processes that can quickly adapt to changes in demand and taking advantage of new opportunities […]

Tourism and trade

In addition to innovative products, globalization, travel marketing, destination infrastructure and taxation, the coronavirus pandemic has a significant impact on today’s tourism industry. The tourism and trade sector stakeholders must set strategies to meet their […]

Public administration

Providing public services as quickly as possible, with better quality, more straightforward, and at the lowest possible cost are necessary preconditions to ensure a higher standard of living for all citizens and create a stimulating business environment.

Health care

To continually create value for users of their services and products and ensure their sustainable growth, healthcare organizations must manage their processes and resources, foster innovation and change their business models to adapt […]


Existing agricultural practices and systems cannot simultaneously and successfully address current and future key challenges such as feeding a growing world population, providing income for farmers and protecting the environment. Therefore, innovative systems are needed to […]