Although many organizations have recognized innovation, digitalization and business automation as an opportunity to gain or increase competitive advantage, most fail to make the necessary transformation. Possible reasons are inappropriate strategy and business models for a particular organization, non-adequate integration of the approaches, methodologies and technologies required, unknown scalable outcomes, insufficient resources or lack of contributing the goals in the expected timeframe.

How can we help you?

Understanding both the business management and technological perspective of innovation, digitalization and business automation, Qualitas can help you to:

  • develop a strictly structured system program that will bring significant added value instead of a single isolated digital transition project
  • select and successfully apply digital technologies that are appropriate to your current and long-term needs
  • optimize your value chains through digital integration
  • achieve easy, fast and secure data exchange between your machines, sensors, systems and business applications
  • examine the possibility of applying artificial intelligence and socio-technical interactions between people, technology and organizations
  • establish a business innovation process that will help you find new revenue opportunities, optimize existing channels and ultimately generate more profit
  • direct you to become an agile organization that learns and can continuously and dynamically adapt to a disruptive environment.

What can you expect?

Some of the outcomes of Qualitas services that can ensure you an effective digital transition are: defined current state of digitization and digitalization based on Maturity Analysis for Industry 4.0, strategic goals related to digital processes and tailored corporate strategy, defined strengthening plan to develop capabilities accompanied by the resources needed to achieve the goals associated to digitalization or industry 4.0, defined a matrix of costs and benefits to determine priority measures and to achieve the goals of digitalization or industry 4.0, improved level of digital maturity of processes, automated business processes, selected and integrated digital solutions and information systems, established common data platform throughout the business that allows the integration of data from different sources such as business applications, machine controllers and sensors, increased overall equipment efficiency (OEE).

Some of the service outcomes provided by Qualitas related to business innovation are: an established process for the new processes development, services and products, partnerships, technologies and other ideas that will contribute to positive changes in your business; secured funding for innovation projects; implemented innovation project regardless of the technological level of readiness (TRL of Technology Readiness Level), including conducted basic research (TRL 1), formulated technological concept (TRL 2), experimentally proven concept (TRL 3), laboratory validated technological concept (TRL 4), validated technology in the relevant environment (TRL 5), demonstrated the technology in the suitable environment (TRL 6), demonstrated technology in the operational environment (TRL 7), established and qualified technological system (TRL 8), successfully proven technology or competitive production (TRL 9 ).

Presented solutions

  • Industry 4.0
  • Industry 4.0 Maturity Index
  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Business Innovation Process
  • Research and Development Project
  • Financing Business Innovation