Ivan Perhoč


GKP ČAKOM d.o.o. Čakovec


When we met five years ago, it was first and foremost a professional approach to getting to know a new area for all of us in the company. Thanks to the persuasiveness of the team gathered around Mr Keller, we realized that this is a new challenge for our company, and today I can confirm that thanks to such an approach in our company organization, we have become a driver of positive change in all utilities, recognizable throughout the country. All this is not easy to turn into financial indicators, but by determining the responsibility of each individual, quality is self-evident. That is why we are incredibly grateful to the partners from Qualitas, who have invested much effort to get to know all our strengths and weaknesses necessary to implement the quality and environmental management system. We have simply become one family, which also strengthens friendships over time in addition to professionalism. How much effort Mr Keller has invested in the development of his company is evidenced by the team he has assembled and the companies in which the quality system has become a priority. So thank you for the n

Snježana Tkalčec Avirović

Representative of the quality and environmental administration

GKP ČAKOM d.o.o. Čakovec


For us, the company Qualitas is an association of exceptional correctness, business acumen, expertise, success and all-time support.

mr. sig. Josip Taradi

Head of the Integrated Process Management System

Međimurske vode d.o.o. Čakovec


Međimurske vode from Čakovec and Qualitas have established and maintained extremely successful business cooperation. This cooperation began at the end of 2002 after the strategic decision of Međimurje Waters on the establishment and development of an integrated management system based on international standards for management systems and the selection of Qualitas experts for consulting. In the optimal time, Međimurje Waters successfully implemented first the integrated system ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which we soon upgraded to the requirements of HACCP and then ISO 22000. Thus established Integrated Process Management System, with the expert assistance of Qualitas, has become a practical reference model for the development of integrated systems in the area of Međimurje County and water management activities. Highly appreciating the satisfaction of our company as a client of Qualitas, we especially emphasize their expertise, constant support and readiness for an innovative approach and the expansion of cooperation in other areas of business.

Tatjana Braškić

Board Representative of the Quality Management

Jadranka d.d. Mali Lošinj,


The members of the Jadranka Group are the companies Jadranka ltd, Jadranka hotels Llc, Jadranka camps Llc and Jadranka trgovina Llc. Through many years of work in all companies, we have established and documented specific standards, and we wanted to confirm and improve the same formally. When we decided to do the same by introducing ISO standards, we started negotiations with potential consulting companies, and after analyzing the price-quality ratio, we chose to cooperate with Qualitas. Since we as a Group have a lot in common, we thought that introducing the ISO system should go in parallel in all companies. It was not easy to do parallel work in four companies with partly similar but partly different processes, it took almost a year and a half, but we were successfully certified in April 2008 according to ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001: 2004. The entire process and records are kept using Control ES and Qualitas Quit. After certification, we continue to use Qualitas services to maintain and improve the system successfully. Mr Keller and his team have successfully guided us in establishing the system, and we can recommend them to companies planning to establish an ISO system. This is especially true for hotel and camper companies, of which we were among the first in Croatia to develop the system. We learned from Qualitas, but Qualitas also learned from us.

mr.sc. Marko Golubović

Head of procurement and sales department

Rione d.o.o. Osijek,


When choosing a consulting company, we were guided by the experience and recommendations of our business partners. Considering the reference lists, contacting all the bidders, knowing what we want and what awaits us, we decided on Qualitas and were not wrong. By working together in the past period at a high professional level, guided at all times by the experience and knowledge of Qualitas consultants, we have achieved the goal of establishing an effective food safety management system according to ISO 22000.

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