Today, everyone talks about European funds and similar funding sources and tries to get funds from them, but only a few have a systematic and well-planned approach. The consequences of a miss-planned approach can bring missed opportunities for funding, rejection of submitted project applications and inability to close the financial structure. Even more radical consequence is an obligation to return the approved grant due to irregularities in project implementation and similar circumstances and conditions that may adversely affect operations.

Therefore, you should not leave anything to chance but use the help of experts to start, plan, manage and supervise your business ventures and activities.

How can we help you?

Given that Qualitas experts, in addition to knowledge on how to obtain and justify European funds and other sources of funding, also have additional necessary interdisciplinary expertise and experience (ranging from strategic planning, operational planning, process management, performance monitoring and project management) Qualitas can help you by:

  • informing you promptly about the conditions and possibilities of obtaining grants, funds to encourage investment and other possible investment sources suitable to your organization’s needs
  • adjusting your ideas, goals, plans and activities for growth, development, restructuring and business continuity to be eligible for funding
  • making the right decision on initiating the procedure for obtaining grants, credit funds, investment support grants and similar financial resources
  • preparing your project and other proposals on a turnkey basis to maximize both the likelihood of receiving support and the value of support
  • creating investment studies and business plans that will suit your needs and the requirements of the funding provider
  • submitting applications to obtain the necessary grants and other grants from European and national sources
  • entering into favourable grant or loan agreements
  • carrying out projects and activities following the set goals and agreements
  • preparing procurement documents and carrying out procurement procedures without financial corrections and by selecting the optimal bidders
  • if necessary, preparing and implementing minor and significant amendments to grant agreements and similar contracts
  • reimbursing the funds granted to you
  • giving you proper support during report preparation in a timely and correct manner coordinated with project and activities implementation.

What can you expect?

Some of the service outcomes provided by Qualitas resulted from starting, planning, managing and supervising your business ventures and activities are: presented investment study or business plan that brings positive effects to your organization, approved grant, approved funds to encourage investment or other support, approved investment loan or working capital loan, approved financing and successfully implemented investment.

Featured solutions

  • Grants from EU funds
  • Booster investment funds
  • Loans
  • Investment studies and business plans
  • Project management
  • Procurement procedures